Mediation with Elizabeth

Elizabeth Bader has used a trauma-informed approach to mediation to help parties resolve a a wide variety of civil disputes, from simple matters to complex, multi-party litigation.

With over 30 years experience in California law, Elizabeth’s credentials include:

  • A psychologically informed mediation style; press here.
  • Recognized expertise on trauma in mediation; press here.
  • Dispute evaluation backed by 15 years of practice on both the defense and the plaintiff’s side of cases prior to becoming a mediator. Approximately 15 published (precedent-setting) opinions.
  • Over twenty years experience in insurance. Seven years working for a California liability insurer.
  • Recognized authority on confidentiality in mediation.

Elizabeth Bader offers a free in-person consultation to attorneys or parties in conflict. Call Elizabeth at (415) 391-7272 to set up the consultation. You may also email Elizabeth at

Sliding scale available.

Elizabeth E. Bader, Esq.