A lawyer, mediatorcoach and teacher, Elizabeth Bader also holds a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) Certificate — a certificate awarded after more than 200 hours of training on trauma.   She has successfully mediated even very difficult disputes, including complex, multi-party, mass-tort-related litigation.

Understanding “Ego:” A Doorway in Conflict Resolution

Understanding the connections between trauma, psychology, spirituality and conflict resolution lies at the core of Elizabeth’s work. She understands that when disputes don’t settle in mediation, it is often because  “face” or “ego” issues  stand in the way.

Stated another way, learning to “let go” has practical, legal, psychological and even spiritual dimensions.  A mediator needs to be able to deal with her own “ego” and with others’ egos as well.

Elizabeth’s award-winning insights on dealing with “face” and “ego” issues in mediation have won her high praise in both the psychology and conflict resolution/legal communities.  Her work has been used both in the US and in Europe to help train mediators.

Trauma and the Importance of Safety in Mediation

Elizabeth is also keenly aware that mediation, like litigation, can be traumatizing or retraumatizing.    As part of her trauma training, she learned to read body language for indications of trauma.  She has recognized expertise on the way the nervous system reacts in mediation.

The bottom line is that Elizabeth is committed to creating a safe space for all mediation participants, and to detecting and preventing traumatization.

Conflict Resolution: An Indispensable Element in Spiritual Practice

Elizabeth believes conflict has a spiritual dimension and we also need a new approach to spirituality — one that includes a psychological understanding of conflict, power dynamics and the tendency toward idealization of “gurus.”

Conflict resolution is a key to this approach. We all must learn to deal with differences without surrendering to top-down, stifling hierarchies and cult phenomena. Collaboration then becomes possible.

Elizabeth’s work with people has earned her high praise due to her collaborative, informed and sincere approach. She takes great joy in making a difference.

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Elizabeth Bader