Margaret Mahler Literature Prize

In 2011, the Margaret S. Mahler Psychiatric Research Foundation awarded Elizabeth Bader their Literature Prize “in recognition of her outstanding interdisciplinary contributions to the fields of psychoanalysis, law and mediation relevant to separation-individuation.”

The articles that gave rise to the award included:

Self, Identity and the IDR Cycle: Understanding the Deeper Meaning of ‘Face’ in Mediation, International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies, Wiley Online Library. See abstract here.

The Psychology of Mediation: Issues of Self and Identity and the IDR Cycle, 10 Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal 183 (2010).

The Foundation has since changed its name to The Margaret S. Mahler Child Development Foundation.

Encouraged and deeply honored by her receipt of the Mahler award, Elizabeth has recently published a new article relating her previous findings on the psychology of mediation to the neurobiology of trauma.