Elizabeth E. Bader, EsquireElizabeth Bader is a lawyer, mediator,  coach and teacher. A trauma-informed practitioner, she also holds a certificate awarded after more than 200 hours of training on trauma.

Elizabeth has mediated a variety of cases, including the successful resolution of complex, mass-tort-related litigation.

Ego and Mediation

Ego issues are the central psychological issues in every conflict or mediation.  Elizabeth’s award-winning insights on dealing with “face” and “ego” issues in conflict resolution have been published in both law and psychology journals.  Her work has won high praise in both the psychology and conflict resolution/legal communities.

The Trauma of Mediation

Elizabeth’s trauma-informed approach also emphasizes the connection between trauma, psychology and mediation. In a recent article, Elizabeth has clarified the neurobiological links between issues of “face,” ego and self-identity in mediation and fight and flight responses (traumatic responses) to conflict. This ground-breaking work connects the psychology of interpersonal conflict with the work of Peter Levine and Stephen Porges, among others.

Spirituality and Law

Elizabeth shares her reflections on the relationship between spirituality, psychology, trauma and mediation in various journals and books and on this website. Her discussion of the inevitable crises which arise for lawyers as they deal with human suffering was published by the American Bar Association.

For more on Elizabeth and her work, please go here.  Copies of Elizabeth’s articles can be found here. A video of Elizabeth speaking on her work at a Science and Nonduality Conference can be viewed below. Thank you for watching!