The goal of Elizabeth Bader’s work, whether as a mediator or a coach, is to help people access their own deepest wisdom through the practice of inquiry. In mediation, this may be coupled with Elizabeth’s own analysis of the issues involved in the dispute.

In her coaching practice, Elizabeth has been honored to serve people who are mature professionals and practitioners in their own right. Compassionate inquiry can be a profound tool for these friends.


“I would highly recommend Elizabeth Bader to someone who seeks: personal guidance on meditation and spiritual development; or consulting, regarding conflicts in personal relationships or group dynamics.

Elizabeth brings keen analytical skills, gleaned from years of conflict resolution, mediation and the study of consciousness. Her exploration of alternative approaches to personal development and human relations gives her a big tool kit and reflects her open mind. She brings the deep power of presence, arising from her personal journey and long-standing commitment to meditation and spiritual development. Her compassion and warmth inspire trust and confidence. In my own life, I have found her to be a trusted honest and skillful resource with profound intuitive insights.”