About Elizabeth Bader

When cases don’t settle, it is often because of personality issues.

To deal with this, Elizabeth Bader grounds her work as a mediator on her understanding that issues of self and identity — also known as “face” or “ego” issues — create conflict and impede its resolution.  As Elizabeth often says, learning to “letting go” has practical, legal, psychological and even spiritual dimensions.

Elizabeth is also keenly aware that some people experience contact with the other side as traumatic, or the mediation itself may act as a trigger related to traumatic events from the past.  Elizabeth has completed a three-year program on trauma with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, a cutting-edge trauma program.  As a result, she is trained in how to read body language for indications of trauma, and how to create safe spaces for parties and counsel.

Elizabeth has been a lawyer for 30 years.  As a lawyer, she litigated cases before the California Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and every other California appellate district.  She uses her decades of experience to emphasize to parties the importance of being practical and realistic in their settlement positions.

Elizabeth’s mediation practice has included the successful resolution of complex, multi-party, mass-tort-related litigation.  She has also successfully mediated cases, both large and small, in a variety of subject matter areas.

She has “trained the trainers” in mediation; her award-winning publications on mediation, which integrate law, psychology, neurobiology and spirituality, have won her high praise within the legal and psychology professions.

Elizabeth Bader