In “Bone Dreaming” meditation, we gently sense into our bones in harmony with the rhythm of our breath.

As we enter into the deepest layers of our body, we experience deep relaxation and an enhanced ability to sleep. In effect, we give ourselves a private cranial-sacral massage as we feel into the bones of the head, spine and sacrum.1

Bone Dreaming Meditation
Gilles Marin

Gilles Marin, the Founder of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute, and a long time Taoist practitioner, has developed the “Bone Dreaming Meditation” and offers a guided meditation for the community.2

Here is how Gilles introduces the practice in the first minute or so of the tape.

Note: To purchase an audio download of the entire meditation, go here. To buy the CD, please go here.


For many people synchronizing the sensing practice with the breath awareness will be too difficult at first. In such a case, simply focus on the sensing. The breath work will come later.

During Bone Dreaming practice, we sense the bones of our head and central nervous system, as well as the bones of the arms and legs — all in harmony with the rhythm of our breath.

Somatic Experiencing[tm] practitioners will note that this meditation forms an excellent complement to SE because it focuses on areas not necessarily dealt with in SE[tm] sessions, i.e., the central nervous system and breath.

However, as in all meditations, if traumatic or difficult feelings arise, feel free to stop the session or to seek appropriate help.


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  1. This form of meditation is based on ancient Taoist breathing practices. See the many works of Mantak Chia dealing with bone meditation practices. See e.g. Mantak Chia, Bone Marrow Nei Gung: Ancient Techniques for Rejuvenating the Blood and Bone (Inner Traditions 1986).
  2. For an audio download, go here. To buy the CD, please go here.