The Psychology of Conflict Resolution Committee is a subcommittee of the ADR Committee of the Tort, Trial and Insurance Practice Section of the American Bar Association.
Elizabeth founded and chairs the subcommitee.

Attached is Part I of a recording of the Committee’s teleconference meeting with Robi Friedman and Nimer Said, two group therapists, discussing group psychology and the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Part II can be found here:  http://elizabethbader.com/elizabethbadersblog/psychology-and-the-israeli-palestinian-conflict-part-ii/ Your comments below are appreciated!

Robi Friedman is a Clinical Psychologist and Group Analyst, and co–founder of the Israeli Institute of Group Analysts and a Past- President of the Israeli Association for Group Psychotherapy. He works in private practice and teaches at the IIGA and Haifa University. He also participates and conducts conflict dialogues with Palestinians and in the IDI West/Islam dialogue with Vamik Volkan and Lord Alderdice. He is the author of many articles and publications. His website is http://www.robifriedman.com/


Nimer Said is a Clinical Psychologist and Group and Organizational Consultant, and a Palestinian citizen living in Israel. He is a member of the “Besod Seiach,” the Israeli association for conflict resolution between groups in the Israeli society. He is also a Board member of “OFEK,” the Israeli Association for studying groups and organizations.

Elizabeth organized and facilitated the conference. Special thanks to Ettie Ward, the 2011-2012 chair of the TIPS ADR Committee (our parent committee) who introduced Elzabeth and the speakers, and to Jerry Strachan, the current chair, for their support of these programs. Enjoy the program!