Elizabeth BaderDear Friends and Colleagues:

Thank you for your continuing commitment to the study of the psychology of conflict resolution.

As you may recall, our last program addressed group psychology in the context of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict with Robi Friedman and Nimer Said, Israeli and Palestinian Israeli group therapists.

Our next program will also focus on perspectives from other cultures and the limits of interest-based bargaining.  We will dialogue with our guests, who are also authors on the subject:

Speaker, Psychology of Conflict ResolutionNicholas M. Khoury is a consulting attorney with the Refugee International Fund Asylum Help Center, a non-profit organization offering assistance to refugees, an affiliated attorney with Terc Law Office, PC where he handles no fault insurance and immigration matters, and the solo practitioner of Khoury Law Offices, a general practice law firm based in Albany, New York. Although Mr. Khoury, who is of Palestinian descent, was born and raised in the United States, he maintains a strong bond with his cultural heritage. This has motivated him to study many aspects of Middle Eastern history and culture including the pre-Islamic Arab honor system and the traditional Arab sulha dispute resolution process. He has also researched and wrote on several areas of Islamic sharia law including criminal, tort, contract, finance, property, and commercial mediation.  An article by him can be found at http://businessconflictmanagement.com/blog/2009/12/muslim-law-negotiation-and-mediation-in-a-different-context/


PrefF. Peter Phillips is an arbitrator, mediator and consultant practicing through Business Conflict Management LLC in Montclair, New Jersey.  He is Chair of the Dispute Resolution Committee of the Business Law Section of the ABA; listed with LCIA, CPR, International Mediation Institute, AAA and FINRA; and former Senior Vice President of CPR Institute.  He is Adjunct Professor of International Commercial Dispute Resolution at New York Law School, and appears on programs and workshops internationally. He is author of three books, chapter contributor to several other books, and author of many articles on business applications of ADR.  Further information is available at www.BusinessConflictManagement.com.   His articles on commercial mediation in China and alternatives to Interest-Based Bargaining are attached for your review.

Phillips Article on Commercial Mediation in China

Phillips Article on Alternatives to Interest-Based Bargaining

As always, we will meet by phone and there will be no charge for participating in this offering to the community.  However, you must let me know by email at elizabeth@elizabethbader.com if you plan to attend. The date and time are: July 2, 2013 at noon Pacific time.

Thank you very much.

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