E_Bader49711-e1357416964254Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am pleased to present this video as a counterbalance to the harsher material offered in the posts on the nature of the superego (inner critic) and its relationship to conflict.

The underlying theme of the video derives from a Buddhist chant:

May All Beings Be Happy

May All Beings Be Safe

May All Beings Everywhere Be Free

The video is actually a musical trailer for a CD entitled “In These Arms” which is a group chant/meditation. But even the trailer has a charm of its own.

From chanting with this music/video I have learned that if we allow ourselves to include everyone in our good wishes   — even those we hate or intensely dislike — we can experience a much deeper level of liberation which includes compassion and love.

The superego would never approve!

Many thanks to Jennifer Berezan and her many friends for their collaborative approach to music. Enjoy!